Banthi Poola Janaki Film Review

Banthi Poola Janaki Cinema Review
                                                                                              Banthi Poola Janaki Film
STORY(Banthi Poola Janaki)

In Banthi Poola Janaki Movie Deeksha Panth (as Janaki) ism a film on-screen character who was attending to take National Award for a Best role player. She lives together with her Manager Dhanraj(as Shyam). As she was reported as Best actress, her film chief Chammak Chandra(as Ahankaram) , legend Sudigali Sudheer(as Akash),author Rocket Raghava (as Miriyalu)and Producer Raghu (as Bangarayya)lands in her home to salute on the accomplishment. when a progression of the occasion, one by one within the house experiences death which too on account of Deeksha Panth. Having mixed-up of obtaining detainment, Deeksha Panth (asJanaki)) with the help of Dhanraj (as Shyam) tries to shroud all the dead bodies. however, did the passings happen? Why was Deeksha Panth enclosed in this? shapes no matter is left of the account of Banthi Poola Janaki.

Banthi Poola Janaki Plus Points:


Dialogues of the Film

Back Ground Music

Banthi Poola Janaki Minus Points:



Second Half


Banthi Poola Janaki begins on a good note. Praveen Chandar(director) took a perfect chance to gift each single character and nearly the first half-hour of the film gets killed with this itself. Praveen Chandar came up short on time to line up the story line lawfully and henceforward he tried to gift principle elements of the story in haste that will not build any result on the crowds. The interim blast is expected and therefore the teams of onlookers will not get any enthusiasm for observation the half. The story has all the earmarks of being fascinating on paper. rather than that specialize in the practices of the characters, Praveen Chandar might have place time in the build up the script. The script is moderate. The trailer has some nice elements which will drive the overall population to the theaters but the film neglects to supply a commendable watch. The comic drama and exciting elements weren’t integrated lawfully and consequently crowds will not discover each improper proportionate. There aren’t any important comic drama scenes within the film with all the immature and event entertainers within the film. The chief tried to propel the film utilizing the attract of the fearless lady by a build up some fascinating offensiveness elements. He neglected to show it effective.

Banthi Poola Janaki Film Rating-2.25/5.


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