Chuttalabayi Movie Rating

MOVIE NAME:Chuttalabbayi(released DATE-August 19).
DIRECTOR : Veerabhadram Chowdary
CASTING: Aadi, Namitha Pramod,Yamini Malhotra,Saikumar
PRODUCERS : Ramu Talluri, Venkat Thalami

one time watchable

STORY of the Film Chuttalabayi:

Chuttalabbayi is one more romantic flick that includes Aadi and Namita Pramod in titular roles.Director Veerabhadram shapes the project and S.S.Thaman -music. Aadi(as Babji) could be a recovery agent and he comes across a woman Namitha Pramod(as Kavya). She faces a grave danger from her family and Aadi(as Babji) helps her from this crunch scenario. however at this juncture,Namitha Pramod’s (as Kavya) brother “Abhimanyu Singh” believes that it’s Aadi who is behind all this and he starts chasing the couple. As Aadi runs out of choices, he brings Namitha Pramod to his own village and he introduces her because the relief.
Kavya(NamithaPramod)slowly falls infatuated with Aadi. once everything goes as planned, Kavya’s family attack Aadi’s family with the assistance of another gang. the remainder of the story is all concerning, however, Aadi solves the issues and gets into with happiness ever when with Kavya(Namitha Pramod).

Chuttalabbai flick Plus points:

30 years Prithvi saved the flick up to his limitations
The cinematography of the movie .
Aadi’s performance

Chuttalabbai flick Negative points:

Heroine’s Performance
Editing of the film
week playscript

Cinema Analysis(Chuttalabayi):

In general, Chuttalabbayi Cinema is one film that has an intriguing half. Aadi’s real execution and a few nice humor by Pruthvi are elementary resources. On the opposite aspect, the absence of novel story line and intriguing minutes amid the last half makes this film value a watch entirely for a handful snickers.The cinematography is truly better than average and the Village has appeared naturally and that improves the climate. Veera Bhadram (Director of the film)is simply getting pass mark in course division. He ought to have concentrated more on the second half to make things all the more intriguing.

Movie Rating:2.5/5

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