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Mannar Mannan (Guru Somasundaram) is a moderately aged man who addresses the escape clauses of vote based system and government principle. In any case, the police authorities and general individuals consider him as a ‘paithiyam’. What made Mannar feel mindful as a national? What made him doubt the administration and protest against them? The film answers it flawlessly, loaded with feelings.


Joker is a genuine pearl, an intense and bold trial by essayist chief Rajjokeru Murugan. Infrequently do we see motion pictures, which conquer any hindrance between great composition and film production in Kollywood. In any case, Murugan’s written work is warm and astute and the cast is consistently superb. He keeps a blustery, cheerful tone all through, implanting an insight of amusingness even in the distinctly passionate bits. It’s exclusive the film’s 130-moment running time that is the main liberality here.

Mannar Mannan (Guru Somasundaram) is considered as a joke in his town as he pronounces himself as People’s President and brings voice against degenerate up in his region. Mannan is rationally exasperates because of a savage occurrence that happened to his better half Malliga (Ramya Pandian), on account of the framework and its provisos. Due to the negligence of legislators and government authorities, Malliga is battling forever and is in extreme lethargies.

Whatever is left of the film is a passionate exciting ride of Mannar Mannan and his two similarly invested companions, Ponoonjal (Ramasamy) and Isai (Gayathri Krishna) as they document a request for the kindness murdering of Malliga in Supreme Court. Raju Murugan’s whip-shrewd exchanges focusing on all the political gatherings and defects in the framework is charming in the primary half while post-recess, the film turns enthusiastic with the flashback romantic tale amongst Mannan and Malliga, their battle for essential sanitation and long for building appropriate can are certain to soften your hearts. Particularly the solid peak exchange clarifying who the genuine jokers are….. is a tight slap on our framework and society. Master Somasundaram has truly given us a completely fragile living creature and blood execution as the honest Mannan. This is effectively his best execution since Aaranya Kaandam and merits a major congratulatory gesture. Truth be told, every one of the performing artists is genuine on screen. We are especially there with the characters that we giggle, cry and go with them


Master Somasundaram execution






slacking story

The film has likewise served as a flawless and impactful audit of a social parody and this has collected huge pre-discharge positive buzz for the film.Enjoying all of it.Joker has a solid substance Don’t Miss To Watch


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