Koti Gobba 2 Cinema Review

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The top director of Tamil films Ravikumar.KS is aware of the trick of the trade of box workplace. He has measured the contents to suit the image of Sudeep and much in Koti Gobba 2. a creative director has given several joyous moments for the fans of Sudeep and at one in every of the layers brings the issue of ‘inevitability’ in life. The love winning over everything is, of course, a jaded theme. The music from D Iman and photography from Rajaratnam square measure in high gear.

The timely thought in inconvenient stage forces for the daddy to fake. once his young son is pounced within the playground, father character Prakash rule one trick makes Sathya (Sudeep) continue it more in life. whereas this portion is passed, within the gift situation Sathya is additionally Shiva. within the role of Shiva (hairstyle left and right difference) is keen on Indian currency notes. He has empty nearly Rs.270 Cr. – in 2 of his biggest breakthroughs – it’s a black cash therefore the grievance isn’t registered. Shiva loves the globe best fragrance coming back from currency notes. What the police isn’t able to track, Sathya lover Shuba (Nithya Menon) will it. She desires Sathya to administer up the activity he’s closing in Shiva name. it’s the love that wins, however, is that the fascinating climax. The catch Maine if you’ll be able to temperament Sathya and Shiva finally budge however once more keep the audience estimation within the last shot wherever the announcement comes that Rs.300 Cr. is robbed once more.

The style looks action and dance of Kichcha Sudeep square measure delectable. it’s a fanfare. The costumes, hairstyle, dialogue square measure addition and points. Dr. Vishnuvardhana in very few shots within the gap title song clearly will increase his fan following. Sudeep had already taken the title Vishnuvardhana in his previous film. currently, the Koti Gobba 2 is additionally Dr. Vishnuvardhana major film that’s Koti Gobba 2 in K S Ravikumar direction. Nithya Menen doesn’t miss your eyes once she seems on the screen. it’s an awfully gritty role for Nithya Menon. The ‘Proof’ she asks for everything are a few things uncommon.

Nazar as a brilliant cop, Devaraj as orphan house defender, Ravishanker as comedy laced Chikkanna, and Hindu Kokila comedy track gives sensible relief. Sharat Lohitashva and Mukesh Tiwari as black cash holders square measure key rabble rousers within the film. D Iman titles song, Saluthillave Saluthillave.Hoo na Whoo na Hele Maina.(Maina is Nithya Menon earlier South Dravidian film) are well scored. For this action and family primarily based cinema Rajaratnam has given his best. On the minus points – the film could be a having length of 162 minutes and twenty-five seconds. twenty minutes sliced, it’d be crisp and tidy. At the kickoff – sure thing forces you to fake, love is stronger than cash – Ravikumar KS base points during this Film.

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

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