Mohenjo Daro Movie Review

Hritik and Pooja Hegde in Mohenjo Daro
Mohenjo Daro Film Review


Village chap Sarman is attracted to enormous, terrible Mohenjo Daro - and its mascot Chaani. In any case, Chaani must marry Munja, child of Mohenjo Daro's ruler, Maham. Will Sarman discover love - and the sky is the limit from there - in Mohenjo Daro?



As far back as Mohenjo Daro has been reported, there has been plentiful of energy encompassing it. Concocting a script for a period dramatization that has minimal noteworthy material can be absolutely troublesome and one would comprehend that the creators would require innovative freedoms for this one.

In spite of the fact that on account of this film, the inventive freedoms are path past one would anticipate.

The average, great versus underhanded edge is done to death and that is precisely what happens in Mohenjo Daro. For goodness' sake, the same story could have been situated in 2016 BC Bombay and nobody would mind.


mohenjo daro film rating
Hrithik Roshan in Mohenjo Daro

Not just is the romantic tale style, likewise the way the motion picture begins one could even say it appears to be motivated from Baahubali where Shiva is eager to climb the mountain and go to another side of the town.

It is clever from where every one of the scholars took motivation of this film, there is even an "iksinga" (one-thorned horse) that Sarman continues envisioning about and mind you, this resembles a 'Garibon ka Harry Potter' co-frequency. It is like the Patronus that Harry sees.

At a begin, an alternate dialect is utilized to give some real noteworthy feel however there are no subtitles given so it's only nonsense for the group of onlookers.

Gowarikar even rehashes his own particular movies, as at one point the workers are challenging against charges they can't pay (recall Lagaan?) furthermore like in Swades the whole town meets up to create power, here they construct a scaffold to spare themselves of their town which is suffocating. Yawn!Pooja HEGDE in Mohenjo Daro


Very much inquired about Script and Story

Activity Sequences

Hrithik conveys one of his profession best execution

Splendidly shoot Climax

Tunes are visual treat + Background score


Hrithik-Pooja romantic tale is an excess of threadbare

Few Loopholes

Movie Rating: 3/5.


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