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The third Hindi film to be enlivened by the outstanding KM Nanavati case, about the designed naval force administrator who killed his better half's significant other under far from being obviously true circumstances, this one is specifically taking into account genuine occasions notwithstanding when the disclaimer says something else. In Yeh Rastey Hain Pyar Ke (1963), the principal adjustment, the denounced's better half kicks the bucket (truly) of blame in the court when her significant other is declared 'not blameworthy'. In Gulzar's Achanak (1973), Vinod Khanna utilizes his military abilities to end both his significant other and her mate. While the previous was a sensational chaos, the last turned out to be more around a specialist's pickle with his calling, as he figures out how to spare the outlaw from succumbing to police projectiles, just so he could be later suspended. Rustom goes past the first story to include layers of a  scheme, duplicity and lost patriotism.

We've whisked away into 1950s Bombay, or so the foggy portrayal, complete with inadequately involved streets would have us accept. At the point when Naval Commander Rustom Pavri (Akshay Kumar) docks into Bombay on an amazement homecoming, he's in for a stunner himself. He gains from his servant that his significant other hasn't returned subsequent to the earlier day and finds in her closet, a pack of telling letters. At the point when a photo of a specific Vikram (Arjan Bajwa) slips out from one of them, our formally dressed lead gets to the base of the issue. Before long, his significant other, Cynthia (Ileana Dcruz) arrives, wailing and noticeably battered. In any case, her wounds are overlooked (conceivably read as scrappy cosmetics) or maybe, as they're scarcely as profound as those of our smashed marine officer, who leaves in a displeasure to kill his significant other's darling. Once finished with the deed, he even surrenders. Whatever remains of the film transfers his court fight to demonstrate his blamelessness.

Akshay Kumar in a uniform is sufficient to do no off-base. He sinks into his character's controlled way and chose to behave with conviction. Ileana D'Cruz as the perpetually sorrowful spouse is a negligible prop, while Esha Gupta takes the appear (inadvertently) with her OTT cosmetics and her lost expressions. At the point when people in general prosecutor Sachin Khedekar swings to her, stunned at the declaration of an astonishment witness, she offers her standard reaction: a wide-looked at gaze took after by a sulk. She finishes her general public little cat picture by using a cigarette in each scene, notwithstanding while getting a back rub. Arjan Bajwa couldn't be more miscast. Playing a rich lady slayer, his bushy legs peep out of his Hawaiian robe in an exceptional scene to diffuse his dangers and divert the crowd.

The utilization of long shots is frequently celebrated as the exertion applied is obvious and this one has two — when the examining officer Winston Lobo Pawan Malhotra questions his witnesses. It scarcely includes any true to life style yet unquestionably wraps up the scene in a fresh way. The foundation score, cheerful of strengthening this thriller, is distinctive.


Movie Rating-2.75/5.

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